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360 Media Group helps the automotive sector accelerate growth strategies

360 Media Group is the authority on the UK fleet market, using expert trend forecasting combined with insights from the fleet supply chain to help buyers and sellers make better decisions.

We do this through sharing automotive insights, education tools and thought leadership with our communities, joining the dots on the right trends at the right time to maximise sales. Our detailed understanding of the UK fleet sector is cultivated by talking to UK fleet operators, every single day.

Our team of industry experts create exceptional insights on what buyers want and when they want it. Find out how we can support your business objectives.

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The 100 Trusted Brands in Fleet Report helps fleets make better procurement choices faster. 360 Media Group has analysed votes from 400 fleets to deliver an independent appraisal of the fleet supply chain to help fleets source potential suppliers. The report's second edition is a who's-who of the fleet supply chain.

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Coming soon 50 Trusted Products in Fleet, the new report from FleetWise

We are delighted announce to nominations are open for the inaugural 50 Trusted Products Report from 360 Media Group. The report will be compiled using a mix of primary research and experts recommendations, with fleet buyers voting for the products that they see as integral to helping them run a greener fleet more efficiently.

Eight experts have already submitted their votes on products that are moving the needle on EV adoption. The judges have reached consensus on the first five products to be included in the report, congratulations to Evata, Bypass, Kerbo Charge, ClearWatt and TUAL.

Inclusion is the 50 Trusted Products will elevate product awareness and act as a gateway to reach ‘000’s of fleet buyers.

To nominate your product, please email by June 30th with your product name and a brief description of the problem it is solving.

Informing effective communications with the Fleet Media Tracker

The Fleet Media Tracker Report is an independent barometer of how fleet buyers source information that influences their purchasing decisions. If you’re looking to create effective communications plans across the right media and event channels, this report is a must.

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How We Do It

360 Media Group works with our customers to inform sales & marketing strategies.

We generate robust evidence of business purchasing behaviours, operational pain points and fleet priorities over the short, medium and long-term.

People buy from brands that they trust, that’s why we regularly monitor the top 100 trusted brands.

We also monitor the buying behaviour of the top 1,000 fleets, these insights inform market trends, market segmentation and proposition development.

Each year we interview over 2,000 fleets, our insights are accessible through market reports, our knowledge bank and as part of our consultancy services.

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Sustainability Index Report - behavioural insights on EV buying and charging

The Sustainability Index is a quarterly measure of EV momentum.

This quarterly tracking study measures trends across home + public charging, buying search, residual vale performance and most popular models. We also review EV infrastructure growth trends and charging density of non-network charging.

Insights are sourced from: Auto Trader UK, Cox Automotive Europe, Zap-Map, Field Dynamics Consultancy, Mina, Allstar Business Solutions.

Plus exclusive insights from the 360 Media Group Ltd Fleet Outlook Report 2022 on EV knowledge, future EV demand, barriers, information sources and the new vehicle supply chain are also featured.