EV Buddy

The EV Buddy mentoring programme is a support network that connects UK fleet decision-makers with industry peers and colleagues.

EV Buddy is hosted by 360 Media Group, it is easy to use and provides the gateway to fleet expertise.

‘The fleet market is changing, fast. EV Buddy allows fleets to access trusted advice, tips and support when they need it’

Ian Richardson, Managing Director, 360 Media Group

Why become an EV Buddy?

  • Access a community of experts
  • Gain access to weekly training videos
  • Attend networking meeting on specific topics that you nominate
  • It’s free and you will raise your profile

Register today.

The sharing economy recognises the importance of fulfilling needs quickly, 360 Media Group provides access to fleet expertise, matching like-minded fleets on relevant topics.

Using 360 Media’s extensive community of fleets, you can become a mentor and share your expertise of any fleet subject matter, from buying to in-life management. It’s easy to register.

We request that EV buddy mentors give-up their just one hour per month to help raise standards in the fleet community.

In return you will gain access to training, networking and of course, other EV buddies.

To register click here to update your account for EV Buddy.