EV Forums

Access expertise through two monthly series

The EV Forums delivers over 1,000 minutes of content each year, with fifty experts providing tips, advice and opinion. Each webinar shares exclusive insight from the EV Index, making the EV Forums the only webinar series to benchmark EV Adoption. Our hosts summarise each session with ten takeaways and make all content available through a series of actionable guides. The Green Rooms Masterclass series has developed FIVE TOOLS for fleets to deploy as they adopt EVs, including a driver policy, driver survey, EV roadmap, EV Playbook and EV product book And coming soon EV buddy. Join today for access.


Two webinar series, the EV Forums, monthly electric vehicles advice centre and Fleet Reset, Powered by Fleet Outlook by 360 Media Group.

What is Fleet Reset?

Fleet Reset is a series of workshops to address the fundamental challenges impacting UK fleets and help them understand the solutions required during the next one to three years.

Why now?

The fleet market has faced unprecedented change, creating numerous challenges and opportunities to meet its future objectives.


“The next ten years in automotive will see more change possibly than in the previous 100 years”


Edmund King, President, The AA

Supply chain issues and economic growth are the latest in a long line of challenges, with fleets having previously dealt with WLTP, Brexit, and Covid-19. 360 Media Group brings the fleet supply chain together to educate and influence fleet strategies, and with 2030 less than two replacement cycles away, Fleet Reset is an independent forum for fleets to learn, review, and plan for the future.


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