360 Media Group Services

Content creation

Strengthen and supplement your marketing capabilities by tapping into our experienced team of researchers, PR experts, writers and designers. We create extra bandwidth for busy marketing departments by managing the entire creative process to produce sales collateral, marketing material and customer communications. Our services, including including writing, design and PR, are also available on a standalone basis.

And with our comprehensive databases of validated buyers of automotive products and services, we can also promote and distribute PR content to a targeted audience.

“360 Media Group delivered the research outputs expertly, enabling our client to optimise its PR through its new driver wellbeing guide.”
Samantha Humphries, Nelson Bostock

“360 Media Group consistently provides great insights into the fleet market, enabling us to create engaging content for fleet buyers.”
Andy Dinham, Campaign Manager - Business Sales, Volvo Car UK

Content Delivery

Through our Fleet Futurists channel we provide a range of options for clients to engage with our audience of validated buyers. We create customised options to suit every budget.

Every quarter, Fleet Futurists delivers authoritative best practice resources for fleet decision makers. These resources present sponsorship, partnership (co-branded) and advertising opportunities to our commercial clients.

Our services:

  • Customer communications and PR
  • Product brochures
  • Sales collateral
  • Video creation
  • Video interviews
  • Customised events
  • Roundtables
  • Event management
  • Webinars
  • HTML promotion
  • Social media promotion

Research services

You won’t find yes men or women at 360 Media Group. Our team is in the business of challenging established thinking and applying creativity to identify alternative approaches.

We work on a custom basis with leading OEMs, leasing companies and fleet suppliers to support their market knowledge and satisfy their research requirements.

We understand that each of our client’s needs is unique, and we’re skilled in sourcing the market intelligence you need. We’ll crunch the numbers and analyse the data to identify trends and forecast growth opportunities.

Market Intelligence

We measure growth, spot changes in behaviour and predict future demand. In a rapidly changing market, our insights identify and define the next developments, supporting your future product plans.

  • Understand the size and shape of the market
  • Assess the pace of change
  • Gain insight into customers’ current and future demands
  • Monitor market trends


Fine-tune your marketing and sales approach by focusing on industries that are experiencing growth. Our sectoral analysis identifies industries of high and dwindling demand to boost your prospecting success.

  • Create detailed market segmentation
  • Build customised profiles of target clients
  • Maximise your return on investment by targeting relevant opportunities
  • Access our exclusive Fleet250, Fleet500 and, coming soon, Fleet1,000 databases of fleets and their decision-makers

Brand Engagement

Disrupt your competitors’ relationships by satisfying their customers’ information needs at the optimum moment. We understand these needs and the fleet buying process so you can time your intervention with the precision of a concert pianist.

  • Assess the health of your brand
  • Benchmark your brand
  • Understand the customer buying process
  • Discover prospects’ information needs
  • Become a thought-leader through webinars and white papers