Fleet Manager Tools

360 Media Group has teamed up with leading fleet consultant Jon Burdekin to produce a range of tools that ease the transition to electric vehicles.

Green Fleet Policies

With around 70% of fleets currently ordering electric cars, not all fleets have updated their fleet policy to accommodate these drivers. There are some fundamental inclusions in your policy that are required to help clarify the financial burden on charging reimbursement, home charger installation and the monthly lease rental payment.

360 Media Group has created a Green Fleet Policy document for organisations to issue to their company car drivers as a guideline to how their electric vehicles will be managed.

Please ensure that you read the disclaimer and adapt the policy to suit your specific needs.

Download our Green Fleet Policy, created by 360 Media Group Ltd.

2030 Roadmap - Fleet Manager EV Checklist

We have compiled sixteen questions for fleet managers to assess their current state of preparation for the ban on the sale of new petrol & diesel vehicles by 2030.

These questions function as a checklist that you can use to identify your organisation’s readiness to switch to electric vehicles. The output of this document is a list of priorities for your fleet to address.

For those fleets that would like to top-up their EV knowledge, 360 Media Group now have 30 training videos available to view – click here .

EV Evaluation Tools

With advantageous BIK tax conditions encouraging company car drivers to switch to electric vehicles, it is important to fully understand the views of employees (not just company car drivers) to inform an implementation plan.

360 Media Group has teamed up with leading fleet consultant Jon Burdekin to produce a driver survey that can be shared with employees. The survey covers a range of topics to profile employee’s personal vehicle use, their ability to park off-street and attitudes towards electric vehicles.

This tool is business critical to aid the transitioning to Electric Vehicles, in line with the government’s proposed commitment to ban the sale of new petrol, diesel vehicles by 2030 and plug-in hybrids by 2035.

Download our Fleet Manager Survey, created by 360 Media Group Ltd.

Download our EV Driver Survey, created by 360 Media Group Ltd.

Training Assessments

360 Media Group has recorded 30 short training videos to assist in the planning, buying, and running of electric vehicles.

Each video features industry expert Ian Richardson with leading EV consultant Jon Burdekin, covering topics ranging from changing driver mindset to range maximisation. Each module is around ten minutes in duration and is part of the 2030 Roadmap training delivering 300 minutes of content.

A new training video is uploaded every Monday and you can take a training assessment to evaluate your EV knowledge prior to viewing the videos to identify any knowledge gaps.

You can access each video here.

Best Practice Guides

Each quarter, 360 Media Group produces a best practice guide to assist in the planning, buying, and running of an electric fleet.

The best practice guides are part of the EV Playbook series, designed to provide succinct, accessible content that you can share with your fleet team, drivers, and stakeholders.

The first guide is available to download, 25 tips to electrify your fleet.

A new guide will be uploaded each quarter. Our next guide is 5 priorities to action on the 2030 roadmap.