The Green Rooms

The Green Rooms is a new pop-up series of influence that reflects the changes in how B2B audiences consume and act on information.

B2B buyers rely on content to guide them through the buying process, and gain the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision. And although they can easily find the information, it isn’t always the right kind of information delivered at the right time.

The Green Rooms series is designed to impart knowledge efficiently and will be a mix of timely digital, physical and audio events. We curate expert content to share with buyers on the platform that they want, and deliver high value guests to audiences of importance.

Each session focussed on delivering solutions to pain points, enabling the delegates to work through an action plan.

Content includes:

  • How to create an electric car choice list
  • How to write an ev driver policy
  • Five ways to reduce your admin burden
  • The benefits of a blended fleet and how to do this to increase efficiencies
  • Building the ultimate charging solution for your fleet

The Green Rooms are for decision-makers to learn and act and provide an opportunity for the fleet supply chain to lead by adding value.

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